What the Airbag Warning Light means in vehicles.

In the event of your vehicles airbag warning light becomes illuminated on your dashboard you will need to investigate the cause because in the event of a collision the airbag will not deploy.

Each time you start your vehicle the ECU will perform a series of diagnostic checks after the tests are carried out the airbag light on the dashboard should go out if for any reason the airbag warning light remains on then you have a problem that requires further investigation.

If your airbag warning light remains on for an extended period after starting your vehicle, it can mean one of several things:

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Dainese Airbag on our roads

After the others, Dainese presents a motorcycle airbag jacket that we hope will succeed.
In view of the photos, the protection seems optimal and the jacket little affected, aesthetically speaking, by the presence of the airbag.
Wireless as proposed by Bering, it remains to compare weight and comfort, for this it will be necessary to wait for the Milan 2011 show.

Useful link: -043

One again !!! The airbag vest Tucano

Tucano, the famous brand known for these motorcycle accessories (aprons, sleeves, bags etc ..), Now offers an airbag vest of the type Protairbag or motairbag or hitair or Helite that is to say trigger cable.

There is more count the number of brands distributing this type of product the list goes on.

See similar articles: hit-air, spidi, motairbag, protairbag, piaggio, helite.

Find the details on

Dainese airbag for ski racing

See the Parisian article on the link below.

Dainese signs a contract with the FIS to equip the skiers of the next World Cup with an airbag like those already devellopped for motorcycle races. What about the trigger mode of this airbag?

"The FIS has signed an agreement with the Italian equipment manufacturer Dainese, specializing in motorcycle, to develop an airbag to protect the skiers of the World Cup in case of a fall. The International Federation hopes to have this "smart protection" system by 2013. Dainese is marketing a protection system for MotoGP riders ... "

Air Belt by TAKATA

Takata developed this inflatable belt and the product to equip the Lexus LFA. The belt relieves the chest and shoulder by enlarging the contact area of ​​the belt, keeps it better and protects the head from side impacts.

A nice airbag for a nice car ...

Airbag Cyclist ... The Hövding

The excellent article by Mr Guillaume Poquet, which you will find on the link below, will tell you everything about this Swedish project which we already mentioned on this blog and which seems to become reality. Spring 2011 release, a collection that promises.

But by the way, why not a helmet?

The link to  The Hövding

"E scooter" by smart with airbag

Smart announces an electric scooter whose handlebars would be equipped with an airbag.

No information on the type of airbag used but we will remember the Honda Goldwing motorcycle airbag available on a scooter and also that of Yamaha on a scooter.

While waiting to know more ... here is information on the "E scooter" .

Airbag back at Microcar

The company Microcar (san s license) offers, again, a driver airbag on its model M Go. The trigger system would be mechanical instead of traditional shock sensors commonly used in the automobile.

This is a recurrence because we will remember the first time in the year 2004.

Strangely on the Microcar website, the airbag is quoted but does not appear in the list of safety equipment.

"The Microcar Protection System consists of a shock absorbing motor mount, a safety belt with force limiter and a driver's airbag . A patented and unique innovation in the no license. In 2008, with the launch of the M.GO, Microcar innovates again with new serial safety equipment »

Website information

Neck Brace by APC

After its helmet equipped with an airbag, the company APC system proposes an airbag adaptable on any type of helmet which, in the state of rest, relieves the neck and, when it is activated by the electronic box which accompanies it, extends its protection from the neck to the superior vertebrae.

Airbag Jackets: Piaggio, Aprilia, Moto Guzzi

The 3 brands have now their jacket Motoairbag (see previous article) triggering cable.

It seems that this type of protection tends to generalize. In shop we will find the motorcycle airbag: Bering, Hitair, Motoairbag, APC, Spidi, Helite. Dainese is still missing for the general public.

Roof airbag from TRW

Surprised by this type of airbag? an old idea that could perhaps become reality. In any case TRW has exercised seriously, this front airbag housed in the ceiling will release the automotive interior designer constraints of setting up an airbag on the steering wheel or on the dashboard. future can they then have large glove box and a joystic as a steering wheel?

TRW reports that it also reduces some occupant injury problems when deploying the airbag.

Wait and see ...