Inflatable Tubular Structure (ITS)

Zodiac’s Inflatable Tubular Structure (ITS) was the world’s first side-impact head protection system. Invented in 1994, the ITS first saw it’s way onto BMW vehicles in 1997 and remains in production today on various vehicle platforms.

The ITS is a specially designed inflatable tube that stows unseen along the vehicle’s interior roof-rail. During a crash, the ITS deploys across the side windows to offer a cushioning restraint for the vehicle occupants. The airbag offers a unique combination of features that safeguard the head and neck in the event of a side-impact and oblique crash, as well as in a rollover event.

The ITS deploys in a non-aggressive manner, virtually eliminating the possibility of injury due to inflation. Also, the ITS can remain inflated for seven or more seconds, offering vital protection against secondary crashes and rollovers.

The ITS has been proven in real-world crashes to successfully protect occupants, ranging in size from small children to large adults.

World's first side head airbag

World’s first side head airbag

The ITS deploys during a side crash