Side-Impact & Rollover Protection

Zodiac Automotive invented the world’s first side-impact head protection airbag. Since then, the company has produced millions of side-impact and rollover airbag cushions.
Please click on the product links below to find out about each technology:

Inflatable Tubular Structure (ITS) – Tubular head airbag

Advanced Head Protection System (AHPS) – Side head airbag for 1st and 2nd row passengers

Advanced Head Protection Curtain (AHPC) – Tensioned rollover airbag for all row passengers

Sewn First Impact and Bonded Rollover Curtain for all row passengers

Thorax/Head-Thorax/Pelvic-Thorax Airbags – Side-impact thorax

Conventional head and thorax side airbags

Conventional head and thorax side airbags

Zodiac’s 3-row rollover curtain (ZAHPC)

Zodiac's Advanced Head Protection System (AHPS)

Zodiac’s Advanced Head Protection System (AHPS)